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  • 15
  • Feb

ADC now includes a new service: Daily updates of Snow Cover maps as received from satellite data.

Snow cover is of great importance to scientists in order to monitor Earth’s climate. Snow covered areas reflect 80-90% light resulting in Earth’s surface cooling and more outgoing radiant energy.

Snow Cover combined with Land Surface Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius result in creating sheet of snows on the ground. These sheets of snow result into snowmelt, which is very important for areas that use it as drinkable water. It is also very important for farmers who use it as a means of irrigating their crop fields.

  • 25
  • Jan

ADC now includes a new service: Hourly updates of Land Surface Temperature (LST) as received from Eumetsat satellites. Land surface temperature is a measurement of how hot the land is to the touch and is different from the air temperature used in weather reports. LST values shown on ADC’s map interface are measured in Celsius degrees over areas of 3 square kilometers.

  • 19
  • Jan

GreenSSLM 2 is a new generation platform can monitor wide areas of any surface and detect possible malicious changes and effects.

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  • Jan

ADC now includes a new, innovative service: Clustering of historical data of Disaster Events in any area of interest.

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