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  • Jun

Prior to the anouncement of Horizon Euroe calls & topics, Aratos Net is already involved in a number of B2B events for exploitation of opportunities and collaboration with important partners throughout Europe.
These B2B events are as following:

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  • Jun

 In this episode of CORDIScovery, IMPRESSIVE is promoted together with other two EU-funded projects (D-NOSES, APA)  offering some answers to questions like the following:
In many areas the pandemic has reduced our impact on the natural environment, but what happens when we emerge from the restrictions and fire up our economies once again as is now starting to happen?
Will we also be firing up a renewed production of pollution that harms both us and the planet?
From oil spills that threaten our seas, to the stinks that ruin our day, pollution touches us at all levels. How can citizen scientists help?
What can we do to keep the air around us free of viruses and particulate pollution?
Can we really make the polluter pay for oil and waste-water spills in our seas and oceans?


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  • Jun

IMPRESSIVE Project led by Aratos is currently featured in the RESEARCH*EU Magazine in the Topic "EU researchers tackle pollution for a cleaner, greener Europe".

More info in the link:

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  • Mar

Aratos CityLST is the newest informational layer added to Aratos Earth Observation Platform with much value for the society! Aratos CityLST provides highly accurate street-level (ground-level) land surface temperatures (LST) mean values from suitably fused historical satellite datasets, for any given area around the globe.


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