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Aratos Flood Risk Management System™

Figure 1: Graphical represantation of basic phases for a Flood-Crisis Event.

The set of services provided within Aratos Flood Risk Management System™, covers three basic phases for a flood-crisis event:

  1. prevention (PRE-CRISIS),
  2. response (CRISIS) and
  3. recovery (POST-CRISIS)
During the PRE-CRISIS phase a regularly updated cartography (based on High and Very High resolution satellite imagery) of a region is provided, accompanied by the GIS-based mapping upon the user’s request. Moreover, the flood danger index, based on weather forecast and hydrological data is generated and the flood danger zones are drawn according to several parameters that may increase the possibility of a flood event occurrence.

The crisis phase includes:

  1. Rapid Area Mapping
  2. Regular reporting based on SMS/ email notification to registered users in order to highlight the flood-related status of a region.

Graphical interface with all the warnings and information is available to users, in order to have an intimate knowledge of the situation.

The set of services provided after the flood event (POST-CRISIS phase) involve:

  1. High Accuracy Flood Mapping and
  2. Assessment of cultivatable, forest and populated areas affected, for information related to the damages caused by the flood event and while a starting point for the compensation process is illustrated.

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