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Aratos Earthquake Crisis Management System™

Figure 1: Communications provide the critical path for relief in emergency and disaster situations. Deploying wireless communications is typically among the first priorities in any emergency response, rescue, or relief situation.

The set of services provided within ECM-PLUS™, will contribute in the effective management of process of direct alleviation of regions that have been affected by devastating natural phenomena, with emphasis in the case of seismic incidents. Based on the cooperation between satellite communications and wireless technology, the following services are provided within the framework of Aratos ECM-PLUS™
  • Development of vigorous wireless network in affected regions.
  • Easy to use Hand Held Devices along with the necessary software for immediate reporting from the rescue team members.
  • Monitoring and Positioning Service for immediate reporting from the incident side (i.e. survivors’ detection in debris).
  • A Web GIS based interoperable graphical user interface in which are combined all the acquired information from the incident side.

User Benefits

  • Continuous provision of telecommunication services for rescue/reconstruction teams at the incident site.
  • Collection of critical information for the estimation of the outgoing situation.
  • Assistance in the direct alleviation of the affected (e.g. Processes of finding survivors in ruins).
  • Assistance in the surveillance of development of phenomenon from the experts and in its further analysis.
  • Remote control and estimation of current situation.
  • Assistance in Addressing effectively all current crisis issues.

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